Micah 6 of Austin currently operates two programs:

Micah 6 Food PantryThursday Early Crew 2013

The Food Pantry was the first program of the Micah 6 Coalition and has been in operation under Micah 6 since 2003. On average, 350-400 households receive 35 pounds of from the Pantry each week. More than 10,00 pounds of food is received, stocked, and distributed on Thursdays and Saturdays. Most of the food distributed comes from Capital Area Food Bank, which in 2010 named Micah 6 of Austin Agency of the Year.

Micah 6 Street Youth Outreach computer corner of drop-in center

One of the dreams of the Micah 6 Member churches has been to venture into new ways of service, in new service areas. In January 2012, The Street Youth Drop-in Center opened at University Baptist Church. Open on Sunday afternoons, the Drop-in Center offers a quiet place of safety and rest, internet access , and a complete, nutritious meal.

Each of our programs needs many volunteers in order to provide the best service possible to our guests. To volunteer, just click one of the links to the right, and thank you!