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Your donations help feed over 300 Austin neighbors every week. Thank you!

micah-6-holiday-backgroundMicah 6 of Austin is grateful for donations, whether online or by check.

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Micah 6 of Austin
2203 San Antonio Street
Austin TX 78705

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For volunteer opportunities at the Micah 6 of Austin food pantry click here.

Are you over the age of 30 and wanting to help young people in our community? Click here for information on the Micah 6 of Austin Youth Outreach Program.

Amplify Austin 2017

We here at Micah 6 would like to give a giant THANK YOU to all our donors at this year’s Amplify Austin day. Amplify Austin is a day run by I Live Here I Give Here that celebrates local nonprofits. By donating on Amplify day gifts are boosted by sponsors, making it a big day for nonprofits in Central Texas, and therefore the whole community. When it is not Amplify day, Amplify Austin makes it easy to donate to local nonprofits online, creating an online hub for local donations. They are a one stop shop for donating to Central Texas nonprofits and can be found at and remember that you can use them year round, choose the nonprofits you would like to support, set up recurring donations, and even donate from your phone! They really do make it easy.

If you can’t tell we here at Micah 6 and all Central Texas nonprofits really love and support them, and if you haven’t used them before highly recommend giving it a try. This year in a 24 hour period they raised 9.8 million dollars for over 700 nonprofits right here in Central Texas. They have raised over 34 million dollars in all.

This year, almost 80 donors raised over $8000 on Amplify Austin day. That’s over $300 an hour! With over 4000 people we expect to feed this year, this a huge help. We cannot thank you all enough. This is what put foods in the baskets. We would also like to specifically thank Carl Noble for his generous matching gift that amplified these gifts to Micah 6. Thank you thank you thank you to all donors!