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The Micah 6 Food Pantry continually needs the support of volunteers. The food pantry is a ministry that helps low-income individuals and families meet their most basic need for food and sustenance. Shoppers at the food pantry come from many walks of life: some have mental and physical disabilities, some are burdened with addictions, some are undocumented immigrants with families who do not qualify for government assistance, and some have unexpectedly experienced unemployment or other crisis and are unable to provide food for their families. Our volunteers serve with a spirit of compassion and maintain a positive atmosphere of fellowship, understanding, dignity, respect, and hope.

Volunteer with the Drop-In Center

Micah 6 provides a Drop-in Center for street youth in the University area.  These young people are struggling, and you can help.  Becoming a volunteer host for street youth on a Sunday afternoon is a rewarding experience, and it can be scheduled as infrequently as once per quarter.  Or maybe you would prefer to get some friends together to provide a nice meal. For more information, visit the Micah 6 Youth Drop-in Center website or contact Mac McKaskle at (512) 538-6332.